Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Staying in town for Thanksgiving? What to do?

Are you staying in town for Thanksgiving? What are you going to do?

DC is generally less crowded on Thanksgiving, so with a lot of folks away, the rest of us will need some things to do. Got any ideas?

There's always the local bars and restaurants, which will be much less crowded -- there are times I really like going to somewhere like Wonderland or the Red Derby when they're almost empty.

You could also visit other places that are usually packed, like Pearl Dive Oyster Palace, Estadio, and ChurchKey/Birch and Barley, if you venture a little out of our neighborhood. Touristy things may be less crowded, like the Smithsonian, and there's a model train display at Union Station.

Or you could go hiking in Rock Creek Park, which is pretty fun and nearby.

And of course, there's shopping, like Black Friday at DCUSA, if you are a crazy person (or just like that craziness) or Small Business Saturday. Adams Morgan is doing a lot for Small Business Saturday, for example.

Any other ideas? Places to check out close by or farther afield?

And in any case, I'll be taking a hiatus until the Monday after Thanksgiving. Have a good holiday!

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  1. Introduce your kids to Flamenco at the Gala Theatre, 11 and 2.


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