Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A rundown of bar trivia in and around Columbia Heights

If you like bar trivia/pub quiz/answering questions while drinking alcohol, you're in a good place. A number of local bars have such things, and they're generally pretty fun. Here's a rundown. Make sure to tip your bartender, even if you get money off your tab. And in all cases it helps to get there early.
  • Wonderland, Monday nights starting at 7:30. This trivia used to be packed all the time with varying degrees of question quality. Lately, however, it's been less packed and there have been less impossible questions (I remember one night where every question was basically trying to teach you a lesson about how much cars pollute.) You get $100 off your bar tab if you win, and the regular bartender Andy is a nice guy.
  • Looking Glass, Tuesday nights starting at 8. This one is always hosted by the same guy, Dalton, aka The Quizmaster of Georgia Avenue. The trivia is always fun, and he always does an audio round. Can't beat that. Every week's has a theme: this week's theme is Cleveland, Ohio, so study up if you're going. I think first prize is $50 off your bar tab. Update from Dalton: "$60, actually. The prize for best team name is $15. Typically the team names that win are both topical & vulgar. And they often make fun of me."
  • Acre 121, Tuesday nights starting at 7:30. I've never been to this one, but they have a webpage.
And a few out of the neighborhood:
  • DC9, Monday nights starting at 7. Close enough.
  • Bedrock Billiards, Sundays at 8. You can bring in your own food.
Any others you'd recommend? Or your thoughts on these trivia nights? Let us know in the comments.


  1. You forgot the Trivia Kings game on Wednesday nights at Meridian Pint at 8:00... it's run by a group that runs trivia all over the DC area. (Full disclosure: I also work as a host for Trivia Kings at various places around town.)

  2. Solly's on 11th and U every first and third wednesday.

    It is 8 rounds, with a DC round each week.

  3. Thanks for the tips guys, keep em coming!

  4. Okay... how old is that picture with the cigarettes out on the table like that?

  5. The Getaway: http://thegetawaydc.com/ Has trivia on Thursday from 8-10.

  6. Wed,November 16th there is a charity trivia night at Zeba Bar. Free food, drink specials and prizes if you participate!

  7. Maddy's has Trivia on Wednesday evenings - $50 bar tab first prize. Solid questions, interesting format, fun host (always the same guy) and Maddy's is a great bar, with great food, booze, and atmosphere.

    The date and prize are from memory.

  8. The trivia at Acre 121 on Tuesdays is great if you haven't tried it. The questions are challenging but the great part is they added a "drink wheel", so between rounds the wheel is spun and whatever it lands on is the drink special for that round. Free shots and 50% off drinks are definitely favorites.


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