Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New pharmacy coming to 14th and Fairmont?

Looks like another spot for getting your prescriptions filled: PoP reports that "folks on the street" say the empty space in the Columbia Uptown building at 14th and Fairmont will be filled by a pharmacy. My buddy snapped a shot of the permit, which doesn't really say much (you can click it for a big version).

This is the same building as the new Domino's and a dry cleaners. The space used to be a convenience store which I was sad to see go, they had good, cheap beer.

I'm not really sure we need another pharmacy in the area, as there's CVS, Giant and Target, but I suppose it could be worse: another bank or cell phone store that contributes nothing to foot traffic. I was hoping for a bar or restaurant.

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  1. Yeah, I've also checked the permit and it doesn't say much. But it does have the word retail in there and I wonder if the permits for Rxs and retail stores might differ? Anyone know?


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