Monday, November 14, 2011

Be careful: make sure to lock your windows or get bars

Just heard a pretty scary story from some folks on 11th Street: over the weekend at about 3 am, some thieves went into their house through an unlocked window and stole their TV, laptop, iPod and video game machine. Two of the housemates slept through it, while another heard the noise, but assumed it was one of the others coming home. The thieves then let themselves out through the door.

Crazy stuff. It serves as a reminder to keep your windows and doors locked, or get window bars. Of course, even if you have both, you should make sure valuables aren't close to the windows, like when thieves reach through open windows and steal things.


  1. As an 11th Street resident, I'm curious about what block it was on. Can you share?
    And, as a new Columbia Heights resident (was just west before), am appreciating your blog. Thanks!

  2. which day was this...

    i had someone try to break into my house at 4 am last tuesday morning and woke me up. i was running around the house with a bat until the police arrived. as a result i upgraded all exterior fixtures to motion sensors and we will make sure our gates are locked.

    location was 11th and girard.

  3. I believe it was Saturday am, on the 2800 block of 11th, so at Girard. Sounds like the same people.

  4. Nothing some hot lead couldn't take care of.

  5. Not to be that guy, but who lives in the middle of a big city and doesn't know to lock their windows?

  6. I think it's more that you don't really think about it. I didn't think to check mine until I heard about this.

  7. this happened out near 14 & euclid about 3 weeks ago. i think they stole a flat screen tv.


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