Thursday, October 20, 2011

Construction underway on new Mexican place on 11th near Lamont

You may recall a few months ago when I wrote about Jackie Greenbaum's coming Mexican place on 11th just north of Lamont (next to Mr. Larry's Pet Store.) Ms. Greenbaum also runs the Quarry House, Jackie's Restaurant, and Sidebar in Silver Spring, and was looking to open a casual, neighborhoody Mexican spot with about 36 seats and a roof deck. 

The other day I heard from Jackie via Facebook:
construction started, hopefully be done in a couple months... Ran into a couple wrinkles but everything's ok. Looking forward to opening.

The place itself sounds great: there will always be a $5 margarita, and the rest of the food will be inexpensive, traditional Mexican snacks and street food. There's no name yet, and they already have their liquor license and hours set, so that's a hurdle already over.

At the neighborhood meeting where she presented at a few months ago (also mentioned above), she spoke a lot about doing things in the neighborhood, like helping with the dog park, and also spoke convincingly about making sure everything outside the restaurant is neat and tidy.

Sounds like a great person and a great business, really looking forward to it.


  1. Welcome to 11th Street NW, Jackie! I am excited to visit your new place, and I wish you the best during construction.

  2. this restaurant "opening" is starting to become the boy who cried wolf...i will believe it when i see it.

    ...this is not to suggest i'm not excited. I am just disappointed that they aren't open already like they originally said.

  3. When is it supposed to open?

  4. As a previous tenant of the Pink Rowhouse nextdoor, this will be any amazing stop to have a drink after a long day. Perfect location! I had that same idea for the roof deck too. The window in my room could look out onto the roof. Try putting up some kind of vegetated green screen on the south edge of the roof for privacy for both parties. Good luck!


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