Monday, September 12, 2011

Zeba Bar on 14th: good spot, lots of outdoor seating

On Sunday I finally had a chance to check out Zeba Bar, the new (ish) bar at 14th and Newton, and it's a pretty cool spot.

It's a good spot for sitting outside, there's a big front patio with 4 tables facing 14th, plus a back patio area, as well as an indoor space and a dance floor with a DJ booth on the second floor. The bartender said they have DJs play on Friday and Saturday nights upstairs. There's also food, mostly traditional bar variety (pizza, burgers, breaded and fried wings) but also with some Middle Eastern fare like hummus, eggplant dip, and a chicken kebab. I got the kebab, which comes with lettuce, tomatoes and yogurt sauce, and it was good stuff. Here's the food menu.

Drinks-wise, it's ostensibly a wine bar, but is really more of a neighborhood watering hole with some wine and good traditional cocktails like a Manhattan, mojito, etc. My buddy said the Firefly vodka ice tea was good. 

The bartender was a friendly guy, and they had a nice draft beer selection, like Abita Amber, Lagunitas Lil' Sumpin Sumpin, Bell's Oberon, Sierra Nevada, Chimay and some others. It was $4 drafts for all but Chimay when we were there, and they have a whole bunch of good happy hour deals (see here and here) plus new deals are posted on their Facebook page.

In short, it's a good spot. Go check it out. The address is 3423 14th Street NW.


  1. The front patio area is directly across from the fire station, which means that your ears will get blasted regularly with full-blown sirens. The inside area is so-so, but it's the upper deck that makes it totally worthwhile. Sit up there, drink the well-priced drinks, and life is good.

  2. great back porch and great pizza deal. the inside is ok although i haven't been there at night. great for happy hour on a nice day. definitely recommend.

  3. Zeba Bar is the worst Bar I have ever been to absolutely disgusting drinks and service.


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