Friday, September 23, 2011

Thefts through the window: be careful

Something to be on the lookout for: thefts through the window. A friend recently had their iPhone stolen through their window while it was sitting on a table plugged in.

The window was open but had bars, and the crook punched through the screen and fished the phone out by the cord. This is new to me: something to be mindful of if you have anything normally near windows -- either make sure it's not visible or put it somewhere where crooks can't reach it.


Anonymous said...

my neighbor's house was broken into by pushing the window AC unit through the window.

make sure to ask your landlords for bars on all 1st floor windows.

Anonymous said...

My phone was stolen in the same way about a year ago. It was a normal phone, nothing special, but the person racked up $500 worth of phone calls to El Salvador before I realized my phone was stolen and deactivated the phone.