Thursday, September 8, 2011

Outdoor pools are closed for the season, but indoor pools are open

Not that you'd want to go today in today's crappy weather, but even if it's warm out, the city's free outdoor pools are now closed. Too bad, as they're a good time. However, there are indoor pools that are still open.

The closest ones to our area are Marie Reed in Adams Morgan (2200 Champlain) then Turkey Thicket on Michigan and I guess Takoma, which is Metro-able. Dunbar at 1301 New Jersey is also not too far, but it's temporarily closed.

Any other recommendations for pools to hit now that the season is over?

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  1. It was a little bit sad because outdoor pools are closed yet indoor pool was open. I will ask my friend who is a pool lover if she can recommend a pool which you can have fun with. Thank you for sharing.

    Charles A


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