Tuesday, September 20, 2011

KGB graffiti crew members arrested

Awesome graffiti
Looks like we may be seeing fewer graffiti tags around the neighborhood. DCist and the Washington Post report that MPD and the US Marshalls have arrested members of the KGB graffiti crew, which stands for Krazy Graf Brothers. Taggers arrested include Che, Aera KAE, Huf, Gator and G8R. I've seen tons of Che tags around; in fact today I walked past a garage that had Che written on it maybe 20 times.

As readers of this blog may know, I like some kinds of graffiti: funny stuff at Wonderland, the big, impressive murals that people have commissioned or that are on abandoned buildings or temporary construction like those wood planks lining construction sites.

But they stuff I do not like are the tags: gang tags like LC and CTU and these graffiti taggers' names. Basically they just write their names over and over everywhere. I don't really the see the point: great, there's that guy's name all over everything. Ok? Maybe this person is actually talented but I wouldn't know, because it's just a name.

If you see graffiti, you can report it by calling 311 or using the city's 311 website.


  1. i ask this everytime a graffiti post is made...does ANYONE know what "syce" is? i see it everywhere on kenyon and irving b/w 14th and Sherman.

    ...i guess i should take the nonresponse as "no." :)

  2. I'm guessing it's another tagger, like Che, etc.

  3. Tagging is not just about the art. Thinking that is just ignorance of the roots and culture of it.

    A lot of the repeat stuff that you see is practice. Some is just a matter of getting up. The more 'out there' (sight wise), exposed and difficult gets the most props.

  4. That may be, but these guys are just writing their name 40 times on the side of garages and stuff. Not very difficult to access.

  5. @ Emily: So if you wake up tomorrow and see that Che tagged the second story of your house, you'd give him mad props yo, right? Cause that is hella cool to the max . . . word.

  6. Spotted: MS 13 tag on wall by corner shop at 13th and Park. :(

  7. I'm a little late but syce is dmv slang. Its basically just another word for excited/stoked or blessed.

    "I'm gonna go to this party out southeast I'm syced"
    "Ol boy syced me with another bong rip"
    "You owe me man, syce me up"

    Its probably just another name

  8. 1. none of us in the graffiti community is going to
    "tag" a garage 20 times, thats "toy."
    2 none of "us" would "tag" a house, its retarded and draws unwanted attention.
    3 the word "tag" is used to refer to gang graffiti, not individual "writers"
    4 Graffiti is another culture, so please educate yourselves before discussing it.
    -HUF 1

  9. Then it would be pretty lame for someone else to write your name all over a wall, correct?


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