Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cool history website: What Was There

Time for some history. The new Atlantic Cities website recently linked to a neat project called What Was There, which lets you overlay old photos onto Google Streetview and then fade back and forth and see the changes (or similarities).

There was only this one photo in our neighborhood, of an old People's Drug Store at 14th and Park, which today is where the DCUSA Vitamin Shoppe is, so I added about 6 more from previous history posts -- places like the Henderson Castle, York Theater, the old car dealerships where the Best Buy facade is now, and a few others.

Add your own! Or just browse, it's super interesting. I got most of mine from and the Library of Congress's American Memory a few other places.

UPDATE: Here's a more striking example from the Best Buy facade. There used to be used car dealerships, the Ding How Chinese restaurant, and an Esso station. 

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