Monday, June 20, 2011

Worst parkers ever on 13th Street

For some reason, 13th Street has become the mecca of bad parking. On Saturday night I noticed this blue Prius (with DC plates, no less) sticking way out into the street with the back tire jammed against the curb. By 6 pm on Sunday the car was still there, with the back tire mostly flat.

Pretty weird, how much of a hurry was this person? It's kind of fun to think of the scenario for this -- Did they really have to pee? They were trying to catch the end of a movie on TV? Were super drunk? And they couldn't go back and fix it? Plus the fact that the car has DC plates is surprising: I'd expect a Maryland driver or somebody from out of town being unable to parallel park like a reasonable city resident, but not a DC person.

And then to add to the madness, about a block south there was another car on Sunday sticking way out into the street. It seems like this person managed to parallel park, but unfortunately was about 3 feet off the curb. Or maybe the person pulled in behind him? Not sure. And they have DC plates too.

Parallel parking isn't that hard, people. You're making us look bad.

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