Friday, June 3, 2011

Work underway, hiring at Modell's in DCUSA

In case you missed it, Modell's Sporting Goods is coming to DCUSA, and now it looks like it may be opening fairly soon. A reader snapped this shot of a now hiring sign, and another spotted work in the space today:
...they are outfitting the store for the new sporting good store just right of the main entrance. The paper is off the window so you can see everything and the lights are on and they are working at 9:30. They're installing shelves And counters are in. Looks a little on the small side for a big and all encompassing sporting store (doesn't look bigger than Gallery Place City Sports)
What do you think, good addition? I could use a softball glove, for example.


  1. i'm down for some sports apparel.

  2. This may be common knowledge but news to me, but I noticed on Wednesday night that they had torn down the wall separating the previously vacant space adjacent to the DCUSA entrance and the space that Lane Bryant used to occupy. Definitely quelled my previous curiosity of how an entire sporting goods store would fit into one of those relatively small retail spaces.

  3. I wonder what the owners of Sports Zone, immediately next door to Mo's is thinking right now!

  4. Sports zone sells cool less functional shoes so i don't think they'll be too worried. Nash's sporting goods on the other hand might have something to lose sleep over...


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