Monday, June 6, 2011

Taylor Gourmet opening at 14th & T, will deliver to Columbia Heights

Looks like there's some more competition in the fancy sandwich market: Taylor Gourmet, the popular local chain, will be opening at 14th and T. They look to open in mid-Fall and will also deliver to Columbia Heights, which is one of the main reasons they decided to open, according to the Washingtonian article.

Taylor Gourmet specializes in Italian-style hoagies, which used to ship bread from Philadelphia. I wonder how Fast Gourmet and the new Paila Chilean Deli will be affected? Hopefully not at all, especially considering those two are more Latin American-style.

I've never been to Taylor, but people seem to like it. Excited?


Anonymous said...

i've been to the H st location 2x. it is very very good yuppie sandwiches!

Anonymous said...

Andrew- You need to get us the 411 on Ruff and Ready- are they moving from that location, or just going out of business? That is my favorite antiques/used furniture place in DC and it will be missed!

Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Andrew said...

Anon, apparently they are moving. Not sure where though:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andrew- That building needs a crap-ton of renovations, even thoug it was a great place to find antiques! I think I caught black lung in the basement once!

Anonymous said...

I'm still not happy they couldn't have Lyon Bakery spec out the bread they need. Having product shipped daily from Philly is just stupid. Bread and all. Plus their sammys are just, eh.