Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spotted on the street: Poop under glass

Well, this is lovely. Last Saturday I spotted this pile of dog poop on Irving near the Metro, which somebody put a piece of glass over and smushed down. Bizarre.

Maybe somebody was trying to make a point about letting your dog poop on the street, in which case, I'm glad. Don't let your dog poop on the street.


  1. Ha ha ha ...or maybe they were trying to protect pedestrians from walking on it.

  2. Don't rule out the possibility of bum scat.

  3. While in Prague last summer, I found out about a small movement in the Zizkov neighborhood in regards to people being annoyed with dog poop - they just started spray painting it neon colors.

    Dog poop problems are WAY worse over there.

  4. Shouldn't we worry more about being shot in the neighborhood than dog poop?

  5. Glass-topped coffee table fetish: you're doing it wrong.


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