Monday, June 13, 2011

Should Metro add Park View to the Petworth Metro?

Photo by Albino Flea
The City Paper writes about an interesting effort: ANC1A recently voted to ask Metro to add Park View to the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro station name. Their argument is that it will spur development in the area. The idea was proposed by ANC commish and Park View DC blog writer Kent Boese.

They've also suggested getting rid of the Georgia Avenue part of the name, which sort of makes sense considering Georgia Ave is a long street. You wouldn't call it the Columbia Heights-14th Street Metro, for example.

It's an interesting argument: I don't quite agree with changing a name to spur development, as where does it stop? Every realtor and developer will be wanting to change names to help push their projects. That said, the Metro station isn't actually in Petworth (as most people define it) and is in Park View. So maybe Petworth-Park View?

What do you think?

UPDATE: Kent Boese gave me a bit more on the effort, and also provided a link to the resolution.
Their are multiple reasons for the request. While economic development is part of it, the station is also less than 250 ft. north of Park View ... so the station serves both communities equally. Additionally, Park View and Petworth have a long historical association with the Georgia/New Hampshire interesection as well as working together as communities.


  1. I'm pretty sure the metro actually is in Petworth since the south border is Rock Creek Church Road.

  2. Makes logical sense to have METRO station names correspond to its neighboral location.

  3. With the current name you would think you were dropped off in the middle of Petworth, not just across the street from Park View.

  4. I like Petworth - Park View, it's a name that accurately reflects the neighborhoods served by the Metro station. GA Avenue extends many miles north to the Montgomery County/Howard County line at the Patuxent River, and does not portray a distinct neighborhood served by the station.

  5. I think we should rename the U Street Metro to Pleasant Plains-Cardoza.

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I live neither in ParkView nor Petworth.

    I avoid the Petworth Metro since using it would mean walking through Drive-By Central (Harvard Street/Georgia).

  6. How many people have fallen victim to a drive-by in drive-by central this year? Thought so. Thanks.

  7. You are correct. No one has been shot or killed on Harvard street since October 2010.

    Summer is here. The crazies and the crew always come out during summer.

  8. count me as another vote for petworth/park view, or something like that.

  9. Hey saw this post quoted in the Express today! Congrats


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