Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seriously Google, we don't live in Washington D.C., DC

This is something that's been annoying to me when I search for things on Google Maps: if you type in an address or just search for something in DC, the result it gives you is for "Washington D.C., DC."

Obviously that's redundant, Washington is the city and DC is the state abbreviation. Google doesn't say "Los Angeles CA., CA" for example. I reported this to them awhile ago -- if you right click on the map you can report an error. Recently I got a response: "The Google Maps problem you reported has been reviewed. We can't confirm that a change is needed. If you still see a problem, please tell us more about the issue"

Of course I told them more, because it's crazy. I also reported it via Google Map Maker, where you can edit and add things to Google Maps. It's not a big problem in the grand scheme of thing, but it annoys me!


  1. I received a letter from AT&T addressed to my home here in Columbia Heights. They were offering me a free repeater to improve my at home cell phone service. The letter directed me to visit their closest store and included the Dupont Circle address. Yesterday I went there. Upon arrival I was asked to sign an agreement which I read first. The product was only to be used in "the 50 States, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island, and the Northern Marinas". I asked the clerk and was told that DC was counted as the 50 states. I walked out with out the product.

  2. This is funny because I always tell people I live in DC, DC instead of, say, Arlington or somewhere in Maryland.


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