Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NHL graffiti marketing on the sidewalk: not so much

I spotted this a week or so ago on the sidewalk outside CVS, it's a stencil about the Stanley Cup playoffs on the Versus network. Oops, considering the Capitals were swept in the second round. I'd be happy if the Caps had won, but it's kind of funny to see this sort of marketing, which is basically graffiti, go wrong.

Also surprising to see it in our neighborhood -- I guess there's enough foot traffic that it makes sense.

What do you think, cool idea for marketing, or an eyesore? I wonder if they got city permission?


  1. Wow, I've never heard of this before, nor have I seen it, but damn does it piss me off. It had better be something that washes away (safely) in the rain. In that case, the rain can't come soon enough.

  2. I saw these in several places. Not cool.

  3. They had some cool graffiti in San Antonio TX for a city wide art festival promotion. It was called clean graffiti and it was accomplished by power washing over a stencil. There are pictures here.

    or here with the mayor on the FB page.

    There are also some small red spray paint graffiti on Irving that say Stop Wars or something like that.


  4. I was in Philadelphia over the holiday weekend and saw the exact same graffiti on the sidewalks there as well

  5. did you see that in some place in Columbia Heights some businesses have tried to get this off the sidewalk in front of their front doors?

  6. This is very similar to the paint they put down for St. Patty's Day outside bars. It eventually washes away. They first went up just before the NHL playoffs started (when the Caps were still in it), and have already begun to fade.

    However, it would be interesting to see if they got permission or not and who gives that sort of permission?

  7. I'd like to add the people who did this are way tools and have no affiliation with versus whatsoever.


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