Thursday, June 9, 2011

Modell's Sporting Goods at DCUSA opens today

An eagle-eyed reader sent this news along, that according to their store locator, the Modell's Sporting Goods in DCUSA opened today at 8 am. I'll try to check it out today after work and report back.

Anyone excited for this store? As commenters and I have noted before, I bet Nash's Sports is not excited.


  1. 9, 2011 at 12:48 PM

    Nash's is toast.

  2. I am so sad as I love Nash's

  3. Nash's has lower quality yet more expensive gear. As much as I would like to see local businesses thrive in our neighborhood, I am not lamenting the eventual downfall of Nash's.

  4. I wonder what SportsZone thinks, being right next door to Modell's!

    I was astounded this morning to see a line of people from the entrance to Modell's stretching all the way to the Vitamin Shoppe entrance about 7:50. I like Modell's, but no way in hell would I stand in a long line just to get in when it first opens.

  5. Kirby, that is crazy! Thanks for mentioning the line, hadn't heard that.

    As for Sportszone, their Georgetown location is more athletics shoes and caps, so it's not really sporting goods.

  6. @Andrew/Kirby - they were giving away gift cards to the first 100 people in line that morning, hence the line.

  7. I think Sportzone will be ok after being in both stores ... but Sportzone will need to figure out how competition works and stock items that are not in Modell's ..... as for Nash ... what the hell is Nash? I've never been in that store .. I never see anyone in there

  8. Modell's has partnered with DC SCORES (local after-school program) this month. You can download this coupon to get 15% and DC SCORES gets 5% back. Today, the store hosted a group of our kids and gave them some soccer gear.


  9. They're giving away free t-shirts today, FWIW. I love free things!

    It's small for a Modell's, but it's a decent store. And it's great to get that space filled finally.


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