Friday, June 10, 2011

Modell's giving away coupons to benefit kids, plus free shirts, gift cards

Looks like the Modell's in DCUSA, which opened yesterday, is really trying to get people in. They gave out $100 gift cards to the first 100 people yesterday, which resulted in a line before they opened, and they're giving out shirts today.

They also have a cool deal where there's a 15% off coupon you can download, and 5% of your purchase goes to DC Scores, an after school program for kids involving reading, community service, and soccer. Their blogger posted in the comments that Modell's also gave the kids free soccer gear. Pretty cool. Nice to see a good corporate citizen like this, I hope it keeps up.

In addition, a couple people emailed me asking how to apply and I don't know. I would suggest going to the store as I can't find their phone number.

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  1. 33% of one item coupon in today's Washington Post too.


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