Tuesday, June 7, 2011

El Latino Bakery on 11th: good, cheap stuff

A few months ago I wrote about the great baked breads smells that waft from the El Latino Bakery at 11th and Lamont, and this weekend I finally had a chance to try them: tasty. It's basically a production bakery, not a store, but if you go in the main door (3314-3316 11th) you can buy things.

There isn't a display or anything, just piled upon piles of pallets of baked goods, but one of the workers explained some of what they had: lots of sweet rolls, muffins, and pineapple-filling stuffed pastries. I got a packet of 4 for $1.75 and they were tasty. Can't beat that.

I then went up the street to the farmer's market and got some strawberries, and with a coffee from Columbia Heights Coffee or Sticky Fingers, you've got yourself a nice little local breakfast.

Anyone else been? Anything else you should try? 

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