Friday, June 3, 2011

AIDS awareness "flash choir" and music video filming at the Civic Plaza, feat. Miss America

Just got this press release about a flash mob-type event to be held in the Civic Plaza on Monday, June 6. Looks neat!
Audio/video recording session of "Ready to Live," a song about fighting HIV/AIDS stigma, to performed live by Caressa Cameron, Miss America 2010, for distribution online and exhibition in clinics and waiting rooms around the world.

Monday 6/6/11, approx. 4-8pm

Columbia Heights Civic Plaza, corner of 14th & Park Sts. NW, Washington DC, 20010.

A "flash choir" consisting of HIV+ and HIV- performers, identified as such by colorful badges that first hang around necks, then are tossed in a trash can to symbolize how insignificant HIV status will be in a post-stigma world.

Up to you. Just remember that the badges referred to in the previous point need to be concealed under a shirt or top until they all come out at once. So a T-shirt would work, but not, for example, a bikini top.

None, but food/drinks/snacks will be provided, you'll meet a lot of cool people, and it's a heck of a good cause.

Only three words: "Ready -- to -- Live." Easy! (Sheet music available on request, although the part is extremely simple.)

Must be able to clap on beats 2 and 4. Easy!

Interested? Write Monte Montgomery at

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