Friday, June 24, 2011

Acre 121 to replace CommonWealth, opens June 29th

Finally some news on what's replacing CommonWealth: it's going to be Acre 121, a place specializing in barbeque and Lowcountry home cooking, as in coastal South Carolina. The chef is Michael Soper, who also runs neighborhoody home cooking places in Alexandria like King Street Blues (which looks corny, based on the website) and Union Street Public House. As Post food critic Tim Carman puts it, "None of these places attract the pampered foodie types, of course, but they have all been around for years, consistently catering to a neighborhood clientele."You get the feeling that Carman is trying to hold his nose during the article, but still be nice about it. It's owned by Terry Cullen, who also runs Lou's City Bar.

The menu items mentioned include "pulled pork sliders (on brioche buns with bleu cheese cole slaw), a “Carpetbag Po’ Boy” (with sliced steak, fried oysters and remoulade sauce), a grilled shrimp BLT (with a fried green tomato, glazed pork belly and blue cheese slaw), and a “Lowcountry Fish and Chips” (beer-battered grouper with sweet potato fries)." No word on Scotch eggs but considering the theme, I'm guessing that's a no.

They had a soft opening last night, but according Twitterers only mentioned the band.

As for the decor, they're putting in wood floors, which hopefully will make it less noisy than CommonWealth was, taking out the weird little private dining room, and adding a small stage for music.

Sounds interesting, and I like Southern food. As for the name, Soper isn't too sure what it means. He says it's some reference to an old designation for Columbia Heights, but that's not familiar to me. It's not any of the lot numbers in the area and the old timey subdivisions had people's names (this one was Sheaman's Subdivision -- see page 10 of the first volume of this old surveyor's book.)

Anyway, I'll definitely check it out. I hope they have Southern brunch, that would be pretty solid.


  1. If last night was any indication, Acre 121 will be an amazing addition to Columbia Heights!
    More info about Acre 121:
    Thrill List -
    PoPville -

  2. I used to live in Mt. Pleasant, but I'm down in Alexandria now. I haven't been to King St. Blues, but Union Street Public House is great. It has fantastic food and a great bar area, as well as a separate oyster bar section which, though often too noisy, is pretty nice.

  3. I live in Mt. Pleasant and work in Old Town Alexandria. Both King Street Blues and Union Street Public House provide good food for a decent price. No, they're not "foodie" destinations... I for one am pleased that a restaurant owner with a solid track record is opening a restaurant 4 blocks from my house. I hope they have some good salads to go with all that pork!

  4. The original Columbia Heights area was started with 121 acres of land.

  5. What does that mean though? Do you have a source? There wasn't a piece of land that I'm aware of called "Columbia Heights" -- it was all parts of various people's land and subdivisions. Plus Mt. Pleasant used to go to 14th Street.

  6. Unfortunately this name has the connotation of something like, "moving beyond 120 acres and a Mule." It was definitely off putting when I first saw it.

  7. i believe the saying is "40 acres and a mule" so i would guess there is no connotation in the restaurant name


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