Monday, May 9, 2011

Work underway at some of the abandoned "Greening Initiative" houses

In the past few weeks I've noticed some work going on in the abandoned buildings designated as part of the city's Housing Authority's Greening Initiative. Some of the buildings are getting fixed up and turned into scattered-site public housing. I've seen work on houses on the 1300 block of Irving, 1300 block on Girard, 2700 block of 13th and another (I forget the location.)

Nice to see these places getting some residents. There's a total of 26 properties in the program, some already occupied and some empty.


Anonymous said...

People always write abandoned when they just mean vacant.

There are a lot of vacant properties in DC, but not many abandoned ones.

Anonymous said...

I wish that DC would just sell the properties to the highest bidders, in return for a promise to restore the property and live on the site for at least x number of years.

Andrew said...

Anon#1, I guess you're right.

Anon#2, agreed. There is a process but it takes a long time. See 1483 Newton for example.