Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New book by Room 11's Dan Searing

Dan Searing, co-owner and former head bartender of Room 11, has a new book out about alcoholic punch. Searing, who also used to work at Temperance Hall (which became the Looking Glass Lounge) gathered a following for his Punch Club gartherings where he and friends would make different kinds of punches, some new and some classic.

As Searing told the Post, "Punch is a naturally hospitable drink" more about bringing together people to talk. He's made some great punches over the years at Room 11, and the book includes 50 traditional recipes and 25 originals. Sounds good to me.

Room 11 is also planning to have a punch party sometime this summer. I'm there. And if you haven't been there before, check it out, it's a great little place.

Room 11 is at 3234 11th Street NW. Here's their website.

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