Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New bar coming a few doors down from Looking Glass

Looks like a new bar, DC Reynolds Bar, is coming to Georgia Avenue. Their Twitter is new and says they just applied for a liquor license. From their Twitter, via the Park View Newsletter:
The old Huron Pharmacy property at 3628 Georgia Avenue is in the early planning stages to become a restaurant. While few details are known at this time, the general concept is expected to be similar to the old Temperance Hall. An informal presentation to the community is tentatively scheduled for the ANC 1A May 2011 meeting.
I've got some questions out asking more and will update when I hear. Here's the location, the one with the purple awning:

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They also have some Youtube videos, including a pretty funny one of a little kid helping to clear out the building. The other videos show a big backyard area, which I hope they'll utilize.

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  1. Cool, I'm excited to hear more updates on this project. Thanks for the twitter link.


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