Monday, May 16, 2011

Empty lot at 14th and Florida: wouldn't it make a great beer garden?

I was walking by 14th and Florida and noticed the empty lot on the southeast corridor, which used to be a used car place. There's a building on the south side and a big open space facing Florida Avenue, which is planned to be a condo building with retail on the ground floor.

That said, wouldn't it make an awesome place for a beer garden? You could keep the small building as the kitchen and maybe a bar, like Standard down at 14th and S, and make the rest outdoor tables and umbrellas.

But unfortunately, it looks like that isn't going to happen. It's currently owned by local developer Douglas Jemal (oddly, the LLC he set up for it is called Jemal's Hookers LLC) and they're looking for retail tenants already.

Here's the Google Street View look. Without the cars there's quite a bit of room. Fun to imagine, at least.


  1. With Bicycle Stations around the corner having moved out, it would be a great place for a bike shop. Beer garden next to a school? No thanks. That's the last thing we need.

  2. Wonderland is next to a Harriet Tubman Elementary. Just sayin'.

  3. in the end, the city will get more tax dollars from a taller condo building than a beer garden or bike shop. bring on the density!

  4. Jemal's Hookers? That's really weird. I think there have been several different retail tenants on tap for that site and nothing seems to actually work out. I wonder if there are other issues with the site.

  5. The perfect place for a beer garden would be 14th and Clifton (where the Duron paint store is).

  6. @IMGoph Agreed: bike shop as first floor retail in condo building.


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