Monday, May 16, 2011

Domino's coming to 14th and Fairmont in June

Looks like the rumors were true: the sign went up this weekend for a Domino's in the Columbia Uptown apartment building at 14th and Fairmont. If you're keeping track, this is the space farthest north in the building. The one next to it is a dry cleaners and the farthest south one is still empty.

I'm not a big Domino's fan, but today on TV I saw an ad for $5.99 carryout pizzas, which is a pretty good deal. What do you think? Good news or meh?


Greta said...

Definitely 'Meh.' I'm still looking for a good place to go for (semi) healthy food... I live half a block from this new Dominos, but can't say that I'll ever get pizza from there. Right now my choices for semi-healthy, reasonably priced food within walking distance usually revolve around Busboys & Poets on 14th & V or Tryst in AdMo. On a positive note, this means I usually just cook :p

Mark Ludwick said...

I live across the street, so the take-out deals will be good news for me!

joe said...

I for one welcome our new pizza overlords.

Actually, Domino's is kind of 'meh' especially since I have celiacs, so no pizza for me, but it's good to see something finally go into that building. Hopefully we wont have delivery drivers blocking traffic/taking parking on Fairmont, blocking the bus stop right at the front door of the restaurant or double parking on 14th.