Wednesday, May 18, 2011

City Paper: How to pour a beer at Meridian Pint

One of the cooler things about Meridian Pint is the table tap: the tables that have their own beer taps so you can pour your own beer. However, that often means that people pour beers with mostly foam (see right). The City Paper has an article on the phenomenon. I was lucky in that the first time I went there, my buddy who works at bars taught me how to pour. Here's what he taught me:
  1. Quickly open the tap all the way, not partially. That will reduce bubbles
  2. Let the first few seconds of beer go down the drain. It's painful to watch but it really helps
  3. Then move your glass in, tilted so the beer goes down the side. Just like at a kegger back in the day (or now?)
  4. Gradually move it down and close the tap when you're almost full
  5. Less foamy beer success.
Any other suggestions for a good pour at Meridian Pint?


Anonymous said...

Along with tilting the glass, have it as close to the spigot as possible, or actually touch it to the glass, and slowly tilt as necessary.

the gup said...

i don't think that pic is an example of a good pour. you got 1/3 to 1/4 foam. terrible.

Anonymous said...

The pic obviously was not meant as an example of a good pour, duh! Read the text!

Andrew said...