Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tenants for View 14: YWCA, martial arts academy

Looks like the retail spaces in the View 14 building on the northeast corner on 14th and Florida will be getting some tenants: YWCA National Capital Area and the Beta Academy martial arts school.

Maybe not the ideal tenants everyone would hope for (say a bookstore, Asian restaurant, or one of the other things we're missing), but still not too bad. The YWCA National Capital Area space will house their offices and also space for programming. They're moving from downtown. The Beta Academy was located in the Calvary Methodist Church on Columbia Road between 14th and 15th. They do, among other things, Thai boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes.

I think this will be good for foot traffic in the area, both during the day with YWCA employees and at night for people going to classes at both the YWCA and Beta Academy. Plus it could have been worse, like another bank or cell phone store.

There are still two retail spots open in View 14, and the WBJ article above says they've gotten a lot of interest, including from restaurants. The building was recently sold to Denver-based UDR.

I highlighted the building in January when I wrote about all the empty street-level retail on 14th Street. Nice to see some spaces getting filled.

What do you think: good tenants or not?

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  1. Even though I'm a block away from Beta Academy's old location, I never saw it generating much foot traffic. Then again, I might just have been walking by it at the wrong times; I'm usually on Columbia on weekends but not weekdays.


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