Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meridian Pint to have outdoor seating, Wonderland putting out tables on May 1st tables already out

Good news for fans of eating outside: I spotted this notice in the window at Meridian Pint, which soon will have some outdoor seating. The original plan was to have 45 seats outside, so a pretty good size. In related news, Wonderland will put their tables out on the 11th Street side on May 1. already put their tables out on 11th Street. I guess they did it ahead of schedule. The patio has been getting a little packed recently.

And it's pretty funny that the LLC for Meridian Pint is called "Notta Bike Or Bar, LLC" -- a reference to Asylum, which at times is a biker bar.


  1. Wonderland's has their 11th St tables up already--or at least they did last Thursday.

  2. Heh- I dunno Andrew, if you have to strike out half of a post, you might as well start over from scratch!

  3. Thanks, I forgot to close the tag. Only meant to strike out one part.

  4. 45 seats? That's going to block the entire sidewalk. I'm all for outdoor seating, but the sidewalk should still be passable for those walking by.

  5. *eye roll* to the above comment.


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