Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to report things to the city

After the post about 1483 Newton Street NW, I received a few questions from people asking how to report things to the city. The first thing I always use is the city's 311 number, which also has a website: : you can report most issues there, as well as request bulk trash pick-up and lots of other things.

Another, newer option (though I'd recommend doing both) is the Washington Post's Daily Gripe, where you report something and they direct it to who is supposed to handle it. I've never used it, but they write about different gripes and what's been done: for example, the bent bike rack on Park Road, which I also mentioned awhile ago. But really, I'd recommend both.

You can also try contacting your ANC commissioner: here's maps of ANC1A (north Columbia Heights) and ANC1B (south Columbia Heights). And if all else fails, there's always Jim Graham and the other councilmembers.

For abandoned lots (but not abandoned buildings, that's different) you can report them to DCRA: (202) 442-4332 or by emailing

Has anyone used the Daily Gripe? Or have any other suggestions for getting stuff done?

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