Thursday, April 28, 2011

Google Maps says Columbia Heights is no longer in Va. Now it's in Washington D.C., DC

If you recall, last year I wrote about an error with Google Maps: if you searched for Columbia Heights, DC, the result showed our neighborhood but said "Columbia Heights, VA." I reported the issue and today they wrote back and said they fixed it. It does say DC now. However, instead of saying Columbia Heights, Washington, DC, it now says Columbia Heights, Washington D.C., DC. Any other DC address or place gives you the same result.

Seriously Google? How hard is this? The city is called Washington. The state (or district, in this case) is DC. If you type in any other state you don't get it twice. It's not Mountain View Ca., CA or New York, N.Y., NY. What gives? I reported this issue too.


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  2. Yeah, it annoys me too on sites where you're supposed to put in your address and it says 'city:' and then under 'state' the drop down box sometimes will read 'Washington DC' instead of just 'DC' or 'District of Columbia.' Is it really that complicated? I'll admit when I first moved here 5 years ago, I wasn't sure how that was to be articulated, but you would think the people that design maps and such would be a bit more saavy.

  3. GGW has been complaining about the "DC, DC" bug on Google, too. What's really funny is that GGW's founder is a Google Alum in good standing, but even he doesn't have enough clout.

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