Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coffy Cafe, incoming crepe and coffee place at 14th and Park, has signs up

A reader sent me this shot, it's signage for the incoming Coffy Cafe coming to the Kelsey building on the west side of 14th just north of Park (where the Subway is.) The spot sounds interesting, a mod/60s/70s-themed creperie and coffee shop. I do like crepes. PoP reports they're hoping for late summer to open. Here's their Facebook page with some more photos.

I like how the sign references Coffy, the blaxploitation movie with Pam Grier. From their Facebook page:
The goal of Coffy Cafe is to create a warm and inviting neighborhood cafe that caters to the Kelsey Apt senior residents, surrounding community and visitors to the area.  We are looking to create a Mod-70's (late 60's early 70's) cafe with Mod, action hero posters--the Mod Squad, Cleopatra Jones, Barberella to name a few.  The aim is to create a cafe lounge where people can relax, enjoy a bite to eat and interact with friends.

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