Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lane Bryant in DCUSA closing

Got an email from a reader today who received a post card from Lane Bryant saying they're closing. As a guy I obviously never shopped there, but I rarely saw people inside it.  No word on what's may replace it. Let's hope it's something we're missing.

For that matter, I don't see many folks at the other retail spots facing 14th, like Staples, the Vitamin Shoppe (which I didn't think would last when it opened), the Children's Place, etc.

Did anybody ever go to Lane Bryant? Or the other stores?

(FYI, don't try Google Image Searching "lane bryant" at work, all you get is women in bras.)


  1. I shopped there frequently and am not looking forward to having to go to Pentagon City to buy bras. I asked an employee and she said it was going to be replaced with a Modell's Sporting Goods, which we don't need because we already have 2 other sporting goods stores in Columbia Heights

  2. I really really hope you are kidding, Anonymous. As a guy, I didn't shop at Lane Bryant either, but I could at least appreciate the idea of having a clothing store around. In my mind it makes sense to have several clothing options in the area. Sporting goods? Not so much.

    I only count one sporting goods store, though - Nash's sports. Sportszone doesn't have an athletic thing in it.

  3. (Just so everyone is clear, that's a different Andrew than me, the blog writer)

  4. Ahhh. Just so everyone is clear (part 2) - my comment ended up sounding really mean. I wasn't disagreeing with Anonymous, I was just really dismayed at the thought of another sporting goods store, and I was hoping the tip wasn't true. Sounds like it is, though...

  5. I was at LB two weeks ago, and the sales clerk said that the lease had run out & it wasn't getting renewed.

    Am also not too keen about heading out to PC to go shopping. It was one of the only, if not only, good store for plus sized women in the city, ever since Target decided to all but get rid of their plus sized section.

  6. I like DCUSA. I can park and run many errands at the same place. There are no local office supply stores nor local electronics stores. There are many bank branches a short distance away and places to eat a quick lunch. Sorry Moddell's is moving in. Local stores tend to have much better customer service than the chains and are often more conveniently located.

  7. Mary - All you Columbia Heights Lane Bryant fans. There is a new Bra boutique a few blocks from Columbia Heights call "Le Bustiere Boutique". They specialize in styles and sizes that are not readily available in Washington DC. They have many cute plus size items. Go check them out. Thank you!


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