Friday, March 11, 2011

First Look at Lou's City Bar: decent

I checked out Lou's City Bar's grand opening list night with some friends, and the verdict was: decent. It's got a very modern interior, sort of like a fancy ski chalet, with lots of TVs. The first thing we noticed was that it's very loud. I hope they put it some dampening, as right now it's very open and most of the interior is wood and metal. It was hard to talk at our table and even harder near the bar.

The table where we sat, in the middle near the front, didn't have great views of the TVs, but for the most part you could easily watch some games.

The food was your basic sports bar food: sandwiches, burgers, sliders. I had the prime rib sliders, which were decent, and a buddy had the prime rib au jus, not bad. Another buddy had the BBLT, which claimed to have double cut, extra thick bacon, but really just had normal-sized bacon. The onion loaf (basically friend onion rings) were fine, and the fries were pretty good. Nothing amazing, nothing bad, but decent sports bar grub. Here's the menu.

Service was friendly but slow, they seemed a bit harried. And they must have run out of wings, because at one point a few guys came through the front door with Giant bags full of wings they must have just bought. Weird they didn't go through a back door. That's probably just first-day jitters (although they've had about a week of soft openings) but we avoided the wings. 

The beer selection was average and kind of expensive -- I had three for $20 -- two Sierra Nevada seasonals and 312, a Chicago beer. I'm getting sick of places with $6 and $7 beers.

In the end, I probably won't go back too often, unless there's some game I want to watch, but it's a suitable sports bar.

PoP has a bunch of photos too.


  1. damn...very disappointing. So will you not go back for a single overall reason or because it appears you found the place to be a C or C-?

    I guess my big thing is TV view-ability? I hate that at M-Pint they are so far apart that it defeats the social factor of watching games with your boys. B/c Friend 1's game is on by the shuffle boards and my game is on at the other end.

  2. Yeah, it was alright, just didn't blow me away. Then again it was the first day.

  3. I went around 6pm. I found it not too loud on the left side, but the sound was going up by the time we left. My french dip sandwich was good; his fish special was not so special. But the waiter was really trying hard, the owner was really friendly, and Captain Remote came over to help find the game I wanted. I'd definitely going back. Happy hour from 3-7? Of course!

  4. I was a little offended by the scantily clad swimsuit bunnies in the men's room. Id like to know what's in the women's room! Would they mind if i switched loos on the grounds that they're heterosexist?


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