Thursday, March 17, 2011

City Paper: Confessions of a black gentrifier

Pretty interesting article in the City Paper about black gentrifiers, and how that fits into gentrification as a whole. It's got a lot to it and covers a lot of ground, with some focus on Columbia Heights. One point it makes is that it's often class rather than race that matters, but it's still different to be a black gentrifier than a white one. There's also some talk about the frontier of safety, with one resident noticing drunk single women with earbuds on Sherman Avenue at 3 am, meaning they probably think that area is now safe. There's also talk about folks from outside the area coming to Wonderland.

Anyway, have a look at let me know your thoughts.

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Clifton P. said...

One of the best articles pertaining to DC in a while. If this is the new "CITY PAPER", KUDOS!