Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tivoli restaurant space getting divided in two

Yesterday I noticed a permit in the window of the space at 14th and Park where sushi place Nori was and before that a Mayorga coffee shop (which later switched to a Korean menu).

The space, which is divided into a front and back separated by a hall, plus an upstairs balcony area, has seemed like bad news, no restaurant succeeded there. The permit may be working to address that, dividing the lower level into a retail space and the upper level into an office. Both Nori and Mayorga had a small front space and a bigger back space, with the balcony area. It made for an awkward layout at both places.

Plus since it says retail, maybe they're not looking for a restaurant anymore. That might make it easier to find something lasting, too. Let's hope it's not a bank, dry cleaners, or cell phone store.

UPDATE: A commenter reminded me that Z-Burger was rumored to be moving into the space. Haven't heard anything since the first rumor, however.


Anonymous said...

Last I heard, the retail space was going to be a specialty burger joint.

Andrew said...

You're right, I forgot about that:


Z said...

It would be pretty fun to have a burger joint there. Maybe it's the kind of thing that would actually last, since a coffee house, a restaurant, and a lounge have gone in and out since I've been in Columbia Heights. It's a tough space to manage because of the odd layout and I'm sure it's expensive as all hell.

I guess we'll see. Thanks for the update on this - I'm curious to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Mayorga and whatever the Korean lounge/sushi joint was called were actually run by the same people, perhaps the Z-Burger mgmnt team will have more luck. Personally, I'd love it if we could get the folks at the Amsterdam Falafelshop to move in. ;)