Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bryan Weaver, Patrick Mara enter at-large council race

Just when you thought we were done with local elections for awhile, there's more. The at-large council seat, which is currently filled temporarily by Sekou Biddle, will be up for election on April 26. Among others, former Ward 1 council candidate and current ANC commish Bryan Weaver is in the race, as is school board member (and Meridian Pint part-owner) Patrick Mara. Biddle is also running for the permanent seat.

In the last election, I endorsed Mara and really like Weaver (and in fact hoped he'd run for this, so I'm glad he is.) Both seem like good guys. Mara is a moderate Republican and Weaver is involved with local nonprofits that help kids.

Bryan Weaver made some news with his clever videos last time around, and Patrick Mara made a new one:


  1. I voted for Patrick Mara for school board because I talked to him outside the CH metro, and he convinced me that that I should take a chance on a Republican who, in many instances, shares my values.

    I am deeply disappointed by his choice to abandon the office I helped vote him into after just a few weeks. It seems he wasted my vote--which I value highly and take very seriously. I should have supported someone who was more concerned about the DC school system than about building a resume.

    I'll never vote for Mara again. Fool me once...

  2. Well, in his defense, the DC school board is largely powerless, they work on graduation standards and that's about it.


  3. @Andrew, that may be true. But why run for the office if you aren't interested in serving? The only answer is to increase one's name recognition, and in the process try to trick (successfully, in this case) voters like me. Mr. Mara apparently views public service not as its own end but rather as a means to self-promotion.

    My husband and I are moderate Democrats who vote in every election--primary, general, special--for every office. We are the kind of voters Mr. Mara needs if he ever hopes to win a general election as a Republican in this city. Best not to lie to us.

  4. You raise a good point. He'll definitely need Democratic votes.

  5. i voted for both in their respective races in Nov '10. this was my first Republican vote ever.

    I don't mind he is running for a higher office. DC BOE (as Andrew said) does nothing. The City Council has more power over DCPS then the actual BOE. So i would think if you want to impact education the best place to do it from would be from the Council. ...This is not to support Mara over Weaver...just saying that i don't think "Kenyon Street" should just assume his/her vote was "used" or "wasted". Email the dude. I bet he will respond and give you an honest answer. I emailed Mara several times before voting for him in nov 10. He even offered to sit down and have a beer with me to discuss further.

    (on a side note - Mara looks like a Kennedy...Its a shame he is wasting that asset by running as a GOP)

    I personally am gonna have a tough time deciding between the two.

    An unqualified tip to Mr. Mara - Either hold the camera higher or the queue cards lower. You aren't making eye contact with the viewer.

  6. what is with filmography these days? Mara was looking eerily slightly off-camera, just like Michelle Bachman's response to the state of the union.


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