Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pedicab service comes to Meridian Pint

This past weekend I was looking for the pedicab that usually goes from Wonderland to their sister bar Looking Glass, and back. It's a pretty handy and fun service to take, and the idea was that if Wonderland was packed (as it often is on the weekends) people might venture up to Looking Glass at Georgia and New Hampshire.

However, turns out the service moved up the street to Meridian Pint. The deal now is if you eat at Meridian Pint, they'll take you anywhere you want to go (within reason, I assume). Even that is a pretty good deal however, taking you to some other spot after a meal. The pedicab drivers (riders?) are also usually pretty cool folks to talk to as well, some of them have 9-5 jobs and choose to ride the bike around for fun/exercise/some extra dough.


  1. Wow, I always assumed those were really expensive. That's cool that the ride is free with a meal.

  2. It might be slow, but it is good for the environment :)


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