Monday, October 25, 2010

Dog poop on the sidewalk: Seriously, people.

Rant time: pick up your dog's poop, especially if it's on the sidewalk.

Lately I've been avoiding (and not avoiding as well as I'd like) dog bombs on the sidewalk, which is really annoying. It completely stinks (pun intended) to stop in it. If your dog is going to poop on the sidewalk, and hopefully you make sure it goes in a tree box or the grass instead, please pick up your poop. It's not tough, just carry and plastic bag and bend over. Easy.

Of course, most people are good about picking it up, but for whatever reason in the past few weeks I've seen a lot more around the neighborhood. Really annoying.


Anonymous said...

They need to post more signs and also POST THEM IN SPANISH!!

My Latin neighbors are notorious for not picking up after their pets.

artbroadwater said...

and for god sakes people stop taking your dogs to the small patch of grass outside the fire dept at 14th and newton!!! i have a lot of respect for those guys and feel bad for them. every time i walk by there are 2-3 people crowding their dogs on the grass having them take care of business. the fire department deals with enough, now they have to contend with you letting your dog trounce on their small patch of green real estate.

Anonymous said...

@artbroadwater - add some water, and that's what's keeping their patch green!