Monday, September 13, 2010

Very specific Fenty sign

Spotted this the other day on Irving between 13th and 14th. If you can't read it, there's a little scrawl on the top that says "Apartment 2 supports." Pretty funny. Just in case anybody on the street thought apartment 1 also liked the guy.

I can just imagine how this went. One person stuck it in the yard, and then the other residents complained. "I don't like him!" "Yeah, well I do, and the sign's staying."

The election is tomorrow, so I thought this was fitting.


Anonymous said...

I saw this too. Pretty funny!

Emily said...

I did this is my front yard. The person living in our English basement put up a Gray sign. A week later I put up a Fenty sign. Two days later, Gray was still there; Fenty: stolen.

FrenchTwistDC said...

Pretty awesome! Too bad apartment 1 and 3 and a few more didn't support Fenty :(