Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DC rapper Wale giving out mixtapes today in the neighborhood

UPDATE: My mistake folks, I got Commonwealth at 18th and Florida confused with Palace Five at 14th and Florida. The event is then actually in Adams Morgan-ish. Sorry!

DC rapper Wale, who I've written about a few times before, will be at Commonwealth (the clothes, shoes, and skate shop at 14th 18th and Florida, not the restaurant at 14th and Irving) today at 7 pm giving out 300 copies of his new mixtape More About Nothing. These are the only hard copies of the album to be released.

I saw it on their Twitter via DCist and a few other spots. 

Below is the video for "Chillin'", featuring Lady Gaga, which was filmed in the neighborhood. However, Gaga doesn't appear to actually have been in the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Commonwealth is at 18th and FL, not 14th and Florida. You're thinking of the liquor store, empty lot, and unsold condos.

Andrew said...

You're right, my mistake. I was thinking of Palace Five, which sells similar stuff and is at 14th and Florida.

Anonymous said...

Throw the Wale back into the ocean. He sucks.