Friday, July 9, 2010

What's up at the Community Marketplace this Saturday

The organizers of the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace (Saturday, 9am-2pm) have an update on what's for sale:
1. Bonaparte Breads will come to the Marketplace laden with its wonderful and wide assortment of breads and yummy pastries.

2. Chapels Country Creamery, which raises all of its cows organically and on pasture grass, will have a variety of cheeses and, for the first time this season, FETA!. If yogurt is on your mind, they'll have that, too! Four varieties -- plain, honey (made with locally produced honey), maple (made with locally produced maple), and vanilla bean.

3. Chesley Vegetable (and fruit) Farms will have peaches, blueberries, black and red raspberries, swiss chard, broccoli, onions, lettuce, kale, squash, cabbage and apples.

4. Dolcezza Gelato will feature the following gelati and sorbetti: White Peach, Cucumber Tarragon Gin, Yellow Peach Southern Comfort, Lemon Opal Basil, Tomatillo, Lemon Ricotta Cardamom, Valrhona Chocolate Amargo, Yellow Peaches & Cream, Blackberries & Cream and Espresso Sweet Tooth. Dolcezza makes its gelato and sorbet with sustainably produced milk from southern Pennsylvania in their gelato and locally grown fruit in the majority of their gelato and sorbet.

5. Dragonfly Farms will bring we will bring sweet orange cherry tomatoes, Japanese gourmet cucumbers, sweet no-heat jalapeños, baby Anaheims, zucchini, ripe slicing tomatoes
all grown naturally and no animal fertilizers, blueberries, sugarplums and green beans.

6. Licking Creek Bend Farm will be headin' from PA with lots of goodness: "Century" peaches this Saturday, probably the sweetest peaches we've had yet. At 3lbs or more for $1.49/lb, we're at least a dollar or more lower than other markets. We're at the end of apricots but still have 3 varieties of sugar plums. We'll have three varieties of string beans, our sweet basil, three varieties of cucumbers, three varieties of tomatoes including the earliest of the heirlooms, 5 varieties of summer squash and the last of our late fall/early summer lettuce.

7. Smith Family Farm will bring its wide assortment of meat, chicken, turkey, lamb and pork from livestock raised sustainably on pasture grass.

8. Stachowski Charcuterie will be on hand with its fabulous array of sausage, paté and other meat products.

9. Twin Post Farm will have chicken and duck eggs in small, medium and large sizes.

10. Upper Crust Artisanal Breads will feature its marvelous variety of fresh-baked bread.
The Heights chef Corey Locker will also have a cooking demonstration. I went for the first time to the Marketplace last weekend and it was pretty cool. I got some great peaches and squash, plus some pastries.

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  1. The Columbia Heights Community Marketplace is opening the market up to artisans and is now accepting applications. Come to the market this weekend to pick up an application or check the website for future updates.


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