Monday, July 12, 2010

Plans for the Bruce-Monroe school site: ball courts, community garden

You may have noticed the empty lot where Bruce-Monroe school, the prison-looking building at Georgia and Columbia, used to stand. The school was demolished earlier in the year and the other day I was walking down Georgia and saw that they're putting in some things there. The Park View DC blog which has not one but two updates on the plans and progress, which include basketball and tennis courts, some grass, a couple of playgrounds (called "tot lots" here, which is kind of funny), and an "urban garden," which would be pretty cool. I would imagine that means a community garden where people could sign up for a plot and grow their own food.

The plans are actually for the interim use of the site, which is planned to have a rebuilt Bruce-Monroe school sometime in the future: probably 2018, though Vince Gray said a few months ago he wants it to come sooner. The interim use is supposed to be finished in the summer, so we'll see.


  1. what are "future community trailers"?

  2. Good question. I'm guessing sort of a clubhouse, like they have at the Kalorama Park, for meetings and classes and such.


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