Monday, July 19, 2010

New sign in Columbia Heights Metro: Mt. Pleasant and Pleasant Plains

A reader just sent this in, it's a new sign in the Columbia Heights Metro directing people to Mt. Pleasant and Pleasant Plains. The sign used to say 14th Street southbound and northbound. While it's neat to see these neighborhoods mentioned, I think it might also confuse people, especially people who don't visit often.

For example, I could see people asking which way Columbia Heights is (of course, it's both ways). Also, Pleasant Plains isn't the most familiar place to people, so that might be confusing. Then again, it's a real neighborhood, and as the person who sent it to me said, "Now I might be able to tell people I live in Pleasant Plains and they might have heard of it." And as he also noted, it's also bit far from the Metro station. Of course, that depends on who you ask.


  1. I, for one, am disappointed that Metro singled out Mt. Pleasant and Pleasant Plains, while totally ignoring the needs of 16th Street Heights, Adams Morgan, Reed-Cooke, Lanier Heights, and Park View, to name a few. What about them? WHAT ABOUT THEM???

    Well, anyway. I am glad that "Pleasant Plains" has become enough of a tourist destination that we need a sign so all those people randomly trying to find it via Metro, can now find it. How the businesses in Pleasant Plains, which I believe include a half-dozen corner stores and liquor stores, ever got by while all the tourists could not find them, I cannot say.

    By the way, is there any reason to go to Pleasant Plains other than because you live there, or are visiting someone who lives there?

    Anyhoo, luckily, all those people can now just tell their guests to "get out at Columbia Heights and follow signs for Pleasant Plains." Me, living in Northeastish Tivoli North, I am still screwed. Since there is no sign for Northeastish Tivoli North/South Petworth/East 16th Street Heights, nobody will ever be able to find my house.

  2. It's the politics Baby. Ward 1 Council Member is a Metro Board Member. Voters needed, but little concrete delivered in the last 6 years. Have names put on a sign, send out a press release.

    I don't think it hurts to pander for votes.

    W Jordan

  3. I guess the thought is that by advertising the existence of Pleasant Plains in one of DC's most vibrant neighborhoods, people might be enticed to explore the area more and create the kind of foot traffic that might attract more than just liquor stores.

    16th Street certainly doesn't need the help, and it's already identified with Mt. Pleasant besides. I also like that because both names are side-by-side, it emphasizes the reasoning why Pleasant Plains is named what it is.

    It would have been much better to add these neighborhood names to the old signage, though. Add to the confusion the fact that the bus to go to Pleasant Plains is on the left side of the street.

    As for Park View, it could be a good idea at that neighborhood name to the southbound entrance, and add Petworth to the northbound one at Georgia Ave-Petwork. In some ways it makes sense not to have signs point to buses since they already leave from both sides of the street and have their own signage once you're on the surface.

  4. Well, it certainly makes our neighborhood sound... pleasant.

    I have never really associated Pleasant Plains with Columbia Heights -- Petworth is closer, neighborhood-wise, but it has its own Metro stop.

  5. This seems like something some real estate agents thought up. I can see some practicality to the Mount Pleasant sign, but the only people who care where Pleasant Plains is already know how to get there. The 14th Street north and southbound signs had much more practical value, since you need to know that information if you're catching a bus. At least they didn't tack all of this on to the station name.

  6. Seems like it would be frustrating for people who want to know which escalator to use to get to the bus they want (northbound or southbound).

    Obviously once they're on the street they can just cross over, but still.

    Are there going to be signs on the street directing people to Pleasant Plains and Mount Pleasant? What if someone goes up on the "Pleasant Plains" side and is expecting further directions?

    I think this is weird.


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