Monday, July 19, 2010

New Georgia Avenue Task Force blog

The Georgia Avenue Task Force, a citizens group working on advocating for improving Georgia Avenue, has a new blog on local issues. Nice to see them on the web. Their most reecnt post is on graffiti that says "Gentrification Kills." The odd thing is, the graffiti seems to be on abandoned buildings. If you're protesting gentrification, it seems more logical to put it on new spots. Plus I have no idea how these people think it actually kills.

The Task Force is also looking for volunteers for a lot of their Community Review event on August 7, which is a meeting to discuss the neighborhood in general. There's a list of tasks you can volunteer for here, and to sign up email

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  1. "Gentrification is a virus" has been popping up on U Street. Someone wrote with what appears to be sharpie marker with an arrow pointing towards the Ellington on U Street Wine And Beer this message. I imagine this same individual wrote the same message on a piece of plywood next to Patty Boom Boom too.


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