Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Leo Alexander for Mayor?

Looks like somebody in the area likes mayoral candidate Leo Alexander -- I spotted this on Girard Street the other day, and I've also seen a number of stickers around. I really haven't heard anything about him, but I guess he's kind of the third-runner (if that's a word) behind current mayor Adrian Fenty and DC Council chair Vince Gray. Alexander has been a TV newsman and government spokesperson and also worked for DC General Hospital. He lives in Brightwood.

His platform is fairly general (education could be better, health could be better), other than a bit about illegal immigration, which he mentions as being exploitative. He told the City Paper last year that "My base, are Marion Barry's people."

The elections are September 14, 2010 (actually that's the Democratic primary, but considering the city is 90%+ Democrat, it's basically the election).


  1. I'm fairly certain I read that he's accepted money from Anti-gay groups.

  2. The guy hates the gayz.

  3. Here are two items I've written recently, on Alexander and the other also-runnings...



  4. He tells people that his base is Marion Barry's people and he hates the the gays. That is no surprise.


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