Monday, July 26, 2010

How did the storm affect you?

As you probably noticed, a huge storm raged through the neighborhood on Sunday. I was walking back from Tynan when it hit, blowing huge clouds of dirt and trash all over the place, which was not fun to be in. As it got darker and darker and started to rain, I ran down the street to my house, with boxes and cans and other items blowing past me -- it was like a real life Mario Kart game.

Luckily we didn't lose power, but I heard a few folks in the area did. Did you? Any other storm-related issues?

UPDATE: I snapped the above photo earlier at the park at 14th and Girard. They had a little neighborhood party there on Saturday with games and hot dogs, but it looks like they left the tents up and they got blown over. Hopefully there's no damage, since they just redid the park recently.


  1. No power loss where I am down the hill from Columbia Heights but I did try to go to Banneker Pool to swim after it calmed down. Unfortunately they had closed the pool and not reopened it :(

    The staff were fishing a lounge chair out of the pool after the wind had apparently sent it flying across the deck.

    Enjoyed the post-storm break in temp/humidity though.

  2. That's a good point, I thought about going to the pool a couple hours before the storm, good thing I didn't! I wonder if everybody was huddling in the pool building.

  3. Drove by the flea market at 9th and U yesterday as rain ending. Looked like a tornado hit (tents ripped upended). Hopefully no one got hurt there, a real mess.

  4. Didn't lose power in the storm (our power is all underground where i live). That was nice, since we did lose it for about five hours in the middle of the night a week before. When it was 100 degrees outside. That was awesome.

    We lost a street tree a hundred feet from my house on 11th, unfortunately, and it did some damage to two cars. A lot of branches down all over.

  5. No power issues for me on Park/16th, but some major tree issues in Rock Creek. I often run there and went shortly after the storm. There were numerous large and medium sized trees downed.

    Great storm! And finally!


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