Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bus problems today due to the U Street oil spill

A little late now, but my morning bus commute was snarled by the weird U Street oil spill, where a truck leaked oil from about 9th to 16th on U Street. Not hearing about it ahead of time, I hopped on the 14th Street bus, which then took a turn onto Florida and Vermont Avenues, (getting stuck in traffic), down 16th and then back onto 14th at P Street. I thought I had gotten on the rare 53 bus and they just had a crazy route these days, but no, just bad luck.

Anybody else have a long, long commute thanks to the Exxon Valdez?


Zach and Brian said...

yes. i took the 54 and it was the same route on Florida and down New Hampshire to 16th for a while and then back over to 14th. can't say i was complaining about getting to spend an extra 10 min in the A/C on the bus though.

Andrew said...

Just 10 minutes? Mine was twice as long!