Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are there too many different light poles in the neighborhood?

Commenter and Flickr user Mr. T in DC made a good point a few weeks back on one of my photos (above): there are 4-5 different styles of streetlights around 14th and Irving.

That's OK, but the problem is they're all right  next to each other, so there's this completely random forest of poles: you've got the square old Metro ones, the big curvy black ones, the new solar-powered flower ones, the other old (but different) ones, and not to mention the traffic lights too. It looks bad and makes for a confusing urban environment, and there isn't anything on the streetscape page about unifying the look.

I would guess that different agencies all put up their own at different times -- Metro, DDOT, who knows who else. Doh.


Anonymous said...

Some poles will go away. The project is not finished yet.

W Jordan

Anonymous said...

this is correct... many of the older poles will be removed

Andrew said...

Glad to hear it! Thanks William and anon. Do either of you have a timeframe?